Monday, July 28, 2008

Pretty Awesome Crew

Our favorite place to eat is Trio Cafe! This afternoon we met for lunch and tried not to get into too much trouble:P This is the Crew that lived up at the dorms this year. Gus will be leaving us to go to University of Nevada, Kevin and the Braydens are living in a house in the avenues, and me and Lisa are living back at the dorms in Chapel Glenn! We are all going different places, but we will still stay buddies!


I have not been to Lagoon since Ninth Grade and what a mistake that was! This fourth of July the family headed out for a full day of cotton candy and rides at Lagoon! My best friend Lisa came with the family and the three of us (me, lisa, and sarah) braved Wicked and Colassus! We had a great time playing at laguna beach, working on our sun tan and taking Izzy on rides. The best part of the night was watching fireworks as we were on the ride JetStar. Lagoon knows how to put on a firework show! The fireworks were beautiful! It was a great day, but i think i am Lagooned out for another four years:)

Princess Izzy

One Sunday when Shannon, Tyler and the kids came over to dinner, I went outside to greet Izzy and she was wearing a baby pink sundress standing infront of the sunset and she looked precious! I ran inside and grabbed my camera to take pictures of her. Isn't she the cutest thing you have ever seen?!

Groundies Anyone?

When we are not all being mature adults in the real world- we are playing Groundies! Groundies is a gmae introduced to me by my good friend Gus. It's a game played on a playground and a mix of tag, fish out of water, and dead man walking and a lil bit of marco polo. Although dangerous, it is still tons of fun. This is the first night we all played it and we escaped with only a few bruises and stumbed toes:)

The 80's are Back!

One of my favorite activities is 80's dancing! If asked, anyone would say the 80's were the best decade! What can be better then spandex, neon, mullets, techno, cheesy love songs, and side ponytails?! I am proud to say i was born in 1989 so i'm an 80's fan right?! If i could live in one decade, it would be the 80's so i could experience the acid washed jeans for myself! My girlfriends and I love to dress up in our 80's gear and head out to dance to classic 80's hits! This is one night, Rachel, Me and Duke went dancing!

Sar Bear dances again!

Tonight was Sar Bear's dance at Kingsbury Hall. They put on the Ballet Aladdin and it was amazing! The show was so cute with Izzy as a snake charmer, mini Genie's, and Abu Monkeys. I loved watching Sarah because she is a beautiful dancer and did a great job. I am so proud of her and glad i was able to attend the concert!

St. Jorge

June 13-15th we adventured down to St. George for sun bathing and lounging by the pool and yes mission was accomplished! It was a great weekend relaxing and enjoying the sun. On Saturday we went to the local farmer's market and looked at jewelry and sampled homemade bread and salsa. People in St. George are talented because the closest i get to homemade is bread from Smiths:) We got shakes at Iceberg and couldn't leave St. George without stopping at the infamous In n Out Burger! It was great and well worth the trip down there:p I love hanging out with my sisters and as can be seen by the pics- Sar bear and I dominated the sun!

The Love Triangle

Probably my two favorite people in this whole world has to be Liz Sansom and John Lahti. Liz and I met John Senior year in our A.P. Calculus class and it was love at first sight. We are best friends and probably the three craziest people you will ever met. Hangout with us for one night and you will never stop laughing! John always makes me laugh. If I'm ever having a bad day i can count on John to make me smile. You gotta love the fact John is 6'4 and Liz and I are a solid 5'2 and 5'6:p Maybe i should explain the title of this post. The love triangle is John's girlfriend hating me and Liz because she feels threatened by our friendship! So we have an undercover friendship haha we all find this very funny and enjoy teasing hims girlfriend about it. This coming Fall, John and I are living on the same floor in Chapel Glenn. The fun will continue!

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Sar Bear's Spring Dance concert was Wednesday and she did great! She is an amazing dancer and choreographer! Sarah choreographed and taught a dance called Sorry to her advanced dance class for the concert. They did a great job and it was the best piece of the show. Sarah was also in a hip-hop dance! Yes, our little ballerina 'can' do hip-hop. She has the attitude that's for sure! She did a stall front row center and looked great! I took pictures, but it was dark and they were using red lights so they didn't turn out very well:p

Washington D.C.

Last week the fam traveled to Washington D.C. for a summer vacation. It was great! We visited Arlington National Cemetary, Lincoln Memorial, Holocaust Museum, Library of Congress and the Smithsonians! We saw alot in four days. I think i walked more in those four days then i have in my entire life! On Saturday, I met up with my friend Hannah, who is going to school at American University in D.C. We went to dinner at the small Chinese tea restaurant and gelato for diessert at this Crepe Bakery. One good thing about D.C. is gelato is everywhere! I think we got gelato everyday, but i am not complaining. It was a great trip with beautiful weather and of course we got to experience some D.C. rain, but otherwise it is beautiful there. My favorite place was Jackie K's grave at Arlington because she is my favorite lady. I think she is pretty classy. I also loved the National Gallery and Museum of Natural History and seeing the animals. The prettiest place there is the reflection pool especially at sunset. It is perfect.

Thursday, April 3, 2008


It is almost like a requirement that once you enter college you do the whole spring break adventure. This year, my three best girlfriends Lisa and Rachel set out on the infamous road trip to St. George and none other then LAS VEGAS!! It was alot of fun. Lucky the car did not break down, no flat tires, NO TICKETS and i did not crash for i did the majority of the driving (i like to drive i did not mind). The vacation was a blast. We layed out, got a swim suit line, watched tennis, ate good food and alot of candy as we drove and got no sleep. Tell me you couldn't plan a better vacation. My favorite part of the whole trip had to be watching the Bellagio Fountains to the sing Claire de Lune. If only Brad Pitt or Matt damon had been there to complete the Oceans 11-esque night right?!:) If i tell anymore of my spring break my parents may not be letting me outside the house so i willl just post pics now:)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The End...

I believe i am officially finished with my Birthday extravaganza! Sunday evening mom made my favorite food consisting of white rice, green beans, lemonade, rolls, and cesaer salad. Since thats not much of a dinner, Shannon made chicken that was great! After dinner i opened presents from my sisters. Sarah gave me a necklace with a charm and a peace sign on it! Very me:) Shannon gave me bag with a skull on it and an adorable sweatshirt and Steph gave me a ballet skirt and foot pedicure stuff. I love all my gifts! They are all perfect, my sisters must know me very well!! Best part of the WHOLE night was cake time! Mom made me my favorite confetti cake and had 19 candles on it! Talk about wishes! Izzy was adorable and sang 'Happy Birthday' to me and probably ate more cake then me! It has been a great birthday! Time to plan for next years!

One more day...

To continue the never ending events of my birthday, Friday night I planned on having friends over to hang out and grab pizza at the PIE. One by one, everyone was busy or was coming late, so Lisa, Rachel, Jared, and Eric and myself attended the University of Utah's Gymnastic meet. We won of course! They are amazing! After the meet, my friend Jena met us and we headed to Lisa's dorm to hang out. We are walking in her dorm when the lights flip and everyone yells 'Surprise!' My awesome friends planned a surprise party! All of my friends were there! Rachel made white cake cupcakes that spelled out Happy Birthday Stacie with the number 19 candles! It was alot of fun and i love my friends. Everyone was so nice to give me presents and candy which is always appreciated! After the party we went to the PIE for pizza and partied all night!

More Birthday fun

Thursday, the actual day of my birthday was crazy! Not with parties, but with school! I was so busy with tests, papers and club events, my day was packed! After my big Nutrition test Thursday night, my parents took me to dinner at Marker Street Grill. I got Clam Chowder and everything was better! Mom and Dad were so nice to give me lotion, lip gloss and body wash from Bath and Body works and money to do my hair, which is perfect! They are so nice to me!

On going birthday!

My birthday celebrations continue! Wednesday after my lunch with the girls, Parker came to my dorm to surprise me! He is so sweet and brought my presents! He gave my newest favorite ACROSS THE UNIVERSE and Tibetan Prayer flags to hang in my room. They were great gifts! He knows i love that movie and i love things like the flags (im odd i know:p). Parker's mom was so sweet and made me a covered notebook. It is so cute and i am excited to use it. Parker was sweet to bring popcorn (my favorite) and we watched Across the Universe. It was a great birthday and Parker is a sweetheart.

Saturday, March 8, 2008


One of the best days of the year is MARCH 6TH! My birthday! Birthdays are my favorite holiday It a day completely devoted to one person. It is your own special day! I love it. This year was great! Despite my crazy and stressful week due to school it was still fun. The festivities began March 5th with liz coming to visit me! She drive all the way from logan to celebrate with me! Rachel, Liz and I went to Einstein's for lunch and of course got the classic mudslide cookie with a bagel. It has been our traditional for a year of so:) We sat in Einstein's for two hours talking and of course something funny had to happen. Can you guess who was funny?! If you guessed me you are correct! I was reinacting the time i feel off my computer chair at school and the next thing i know i am on the ground! During my reinactment, the chair slipped from underneath me and i fell...again. Wow what would lunch be without me right?! It was a great afternoon to spend with my best friends!

Friday, February 22, 2008

TrIpLe DaTe FuN pLuS LiZ ha

Last weekend Liz finally came home! We got Rach, Rory, Lisa, Aaron, Parker, and Me together to go to dinner at Noodles and Co and hang out! Unfortunately for Liz her date bailed on her so she was the seventh wheel, but it's ok! After dinner we went to Rachel's house and played Guitar Hero and hung out. It was so much fun as we battled on sweet guitar solos and binged on Lisa's Valentine's Day chocolate! I love my friends! We always have so much fun together! As far as anything embarrassing happening (which usually happens with me around:p) I did't spill anything at dinner! Didn't hit anything! And managed not to fall! Overall it was a great night! On Monday, President's Day, Sarah came and stayed with me up at the dorms and we went shopping! We went to local shops that sell local designers clothes! Too cool and no one else will have my clothes which is good! I love shopping especially with Sarah!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Roses are red...

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY TO EVERYONE! i hope everyone had a lovely day yesterday. Despite the snow and freezing winds, i had a great day! It was filled with chocolate and cupcakes so a great day right?! They only downside to my day was i had to attend my nutrition class. I love this class, but it is from 4:30-6:30 at night! After class i went to dinner with Lisa, Aaron, and Angie then Parker come over and watched the movie Pearl Harbor! He was so sweet and brought me 12 beautiful red roses! I've never been given roses before so this was a surprise! They are beautiful and smell delicious! I love him so much, he is too sweet to me. I gave Parker the book "I am Legend" (yes i know romantic, but he wanted it and besides if you know me and parker, we are not very romantic people) and the cutest card that when you open it, the song "A kiss to build a dream" plays by Louise Armstrong. It is a cute song and we both love jazz music so i thought it was great! Even though alot of people think Valentine's Day is single awareness day or a corporation of herseys, hallmark, and nestle day, i still love it. It is a day to those you love- you love them! I think the world needs more love. Go Valentine's Day:)

Monday, February 11, 2008


This picture is in honor of Valentine's Day this week.
Happy Valentine's Day Parker!

Sunday, February 10, 2008



Double date fun!

Last night was so much fun! Me and Parker went on a double date with Rachel and Rory! We met at Rory's apartment then went to dinner at Rhombi's (i dont know if that is how you spell it). It was a great dinner i got a rice bowl and veggies! No one thought i could seriously eat with chopsticks so i should them up and ate my whole dinner with chopsticks! i did spend 3 weeks in China this summer i am qualified! After dinner we went to August Rush. it was a cute movie. The music was beautiful! I recommmend it to everyone! After the movie we went back to rory's, but me and parker left cuz he has early church the next mornig. On our way out we were avoiding the snow because i was only wearing ballet flats ( but i did look so cute i will admit) and then parker said, "good thing there is only ice..." sarcastically then right as he said that i slipped on an ice skating rink of ice! I went down right on my butt! It was so funny i will admit and Parker was dying of laughter! he said im a very graceful faller! ha hey at least i didnt break anything! ha it was a funny end to a good evening! wow it was alot of fun doubling with my friends i love them! we are cute couples! oh and parker is so sweet! he came and picked me up and when i opened the door he said, "oh you look so pretty!" oh he is so cute i love him to death!


(Above is Rachel, Rory, Me and Parker. Ha didnt get a pic with the Bday boy and lisa:p)
February 5 was my friend/ my best girlfriend Lisa's boyfriends birthday! The Friday before we celebrated his birthday by going to the University of Utah's Women's Gymnastic meet (which we won of course) then went to the Pie after for dinner. We all love the Pie and its the cool spot to hang out on campus! It was so much fun, me, parker, rachel, rory, lisa and aaron and our friend angie all at the pie and ended up talking till 11:30! After we all went home because me and lisa applied to ra's (residential advisors) and our interviews were the next morning at 8:00 AM! ha hey that is early for a Saturday! Well our interview went great and hopefully we get it! We will then be in charge of a whole floor next year. haha i know i know me responsible! ha it will be fun. While i was waiting for my interview i had a guy come up and ask me if i was a ballerina and that officially made me day! he said by the way i stand and how i look i must dance! wow thats great i guess dancing at7:00- 10:30 am three days a week is paying off! Either that or he was hitting on me:p I'm ao glad i have great friends to hang out with! it was alot of fun celebrating Aaron's birthday!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tag you're it

Ok so i have been 'tagged' by Shannon. And while my list may not be as revealing as hers, i would say mine is better:)

  1. I wear socks on my hands at night because my hands get so dry in the winter they crack so i lather my hands with lotion and put socks on them to prevent getting lotion everywhere. (it works i have soft hands)
  2. Ha ha i have kissed someone in 5 countries and three continents including places like the Great Wall of China.
  3. I have never tried Coke and i don't want to it smells gross.
  4. I secretly want to be an 80's rockstar with the hair, clothes, and sweet dance moves.
  5. I love french fries, ketchup, dr. pepper and white cake yet im a health nut and obsessed with eating all natural, organic, whole grain food.
  6. I love jeans, thats all i wear. i think i own like 14 pairs.
  7. I have never seen American Idol or pretty much any other TV show EXCEPT GREY'S ANATOMY and Americas Next Top Model.
  8. I don't know how to snort. I could never do it as a kid.
  9. Guns and Roses have been my favorite band since i was in second grade so like 7? ha thanks Shannon.
  10. I think i have seen Titanic umm 14 times? yes all in theaters. ha

Monday, January 28, 2008

Birthday weekend

Wow it has been two weeks since i last posted a blog!! time flies! not much has happened with me. i have been going to school, trudging through snow and doing homework. This weekend wasa blast! Friday night was girls night so Lisa, Rachel, and I went to Gateway for a lil shopping then to Costa Vida for dinner (it was good i like, but not as good as cafe rio!) and to the new movie 27 Dresses with Katherine Heigl. The movie was so cute we all enjoyed it. yes it was chick flick but Katherine is so pretty and it had a better story line then a majority of chick flicks do. See i am not a chick flick fan so if i like, anyone will like it. After the movie we all went home. At like 10:00 on Friday nights im tired! School always tires me out so by the end of the week im ready for a break! On Saturday me and lisa went to American Apparel at Trolley Square mall and to Brookestone for a tester at the back message chairs! After we went to hallmark to look at Valentine cards and a birthday card for Izzy. I ended up getting her a singing card that sings "Dreams do come true" by Cinderella with Disney Princesses on the front. It is so cute i was excited to give it to her! We found some great V-day cards , but ill keep looking for the perfect one. Some of my favorite were the Grey's Anatomy theme song, ring of Fire by Johhny Cash and the cheesy 80's love songs. ha gotta love Hallmark. Saturday night the family went to dinner at the Mandrin for Steph and izzy's birthday. That was an adventure! Izzy wanted to run around and Tommy was spilling everything and the night ended with Izzy refusing to wear her jeans home. I think it was bedtime for all of us:) Sunday was another birthday celebration with dinner and presents. Hope Steph and Izzy had a great birthday i love them so so much!!

Monday, January 7, 2008

thank u?

I started school again today! im excited i like school and i have good classes. my favorite class is still ballet cuz i love to dance! im thinking about picking up another ballet class but that will put me at 22 hours so ill have to see if it can be done. I also taught dance today it was fun, it was the 7-8 year old class and they love to dance around so its fun to watch them. wow im so glad my life consists of dancing, teaching dance and thinking about dance:p i love it i guess. oh ya my day also consists of playing guitar hero and going to class- i lead a pathetic life. tonight consists of this and im watching a movie with all my friends so ya exciting! i feel like a single old lady that should house 78 stray, dirty cats and collect tissue boxes or something ohh and im listening to lovey dovey songs on my computer that remind me of that one person trying not to burst out in tears. yes im pathetic, but ill admit it i am so thats the first step. half the time i dont even know what im writing in here. my blog is not as interesting and creative as shannons, but i will say it is entertaining. lets see today i was asked if am married? go figure and i was also hit on by some weirdo wearing a stone washed jacket. sounds like my type? hm maybe but the lip ring and 5 week unwashed hair was a deal breaker. i think i have a sign on my back that says if you are weird-hit on me cuz i seem to attract the weirdest guys! yes every weirdo in a ten mile radius has hit on me officially. And i cant wait till greys anatomy starts again cuz thats what keeps me going in life. i thrive on greys yes i do. This past saturday i went on a double and a half date. yes that was my friend rachel and rory and lisa and aaron! yay love being the fifth wheeel makes everything better. So i am officially the worst bowler ever in the history. i bowled a solid 61. ya 61 and that was after getting help from rachel:p well i cant be amazing at everything right?! wrong, im blaming a horrific performance on my crappy weekend and the fact im a emotional wreck due to this one person! isnt it amazing how one person can affect you so much? its weird to think i have an influence on someone. scary.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Wal Mart

So dont worry i ventured into the dangerous terrritories of wal mart tonight. yes wal mart. Being a poor destitute college student i am forced to resort to buying rubbermaids at wal mart. i needed to buy containers to contain the vast amounts of summer clothing and junk i have in room. its part of my 2008 resolution (along with the rest of America) to get organized! or simply able to find anything in my dorm! I went in looking for containers and end up with a bathroom rug, car freshner, file keeper, hooks, hair gel, and a nerd rope. During the accomulation of these items, i was in the hair isle looking for gel and i picked my gel up and go to put it in the cart and some creeper was looking at me and continued to look at me as he passed by with the creeepest look plastered on his face! ya gross! i was checked out by the creeepest guy in the entire world! i felt like i needed a shower after yup. After being grossed out i continued my shopping and looking at cheesy Valentine's day cards and had to brave the parking lot. After surviving not being hit my mini vans and dangerous shoppers behind cadallics i went home. that is enough wal mart to last me ten years.

Hot Tub

Well Shannon showed me yesterday how to upload pictures so now my blog will be filled with photography! I am so sad to see my friends go! Last night kylie (bottom left), Mallory (top left), and myself (middle) hung out, did the hot tub for about three hours then ventured to Molcha Salsa for our last hang out for months! Mallory is leaving back to school at Utah State today and won't be back down for a few months and Liz (right) already left yesterday morning for Utah State and won't be back down for a month and a half! I hate this situation i miss my friends! I think they should all go to the U so i can see them everyday! Well thats about it for now have a good day.