Saturday, May 10, 2008


Sar Bear's Spring Dance concert was Wednesday and she did great! She is an amazing dancer and choreographer! Sarah choreographed and taught a dance called Sorry to her advanced dance class for the concert. They did a great job and it was the best piece of the show. Sarah was also in a hip-hop dance! Yes, our little ballerina 'can' do hip-hop. She has the attitude that's for sure! She did a stall front row center and looked great! I took pictures, but it was dark and they were using red lights so they didn't turn out very well:p

Washington D.C.

Last week the fam traveled to Washington D.C. for a summer vacation. It was great! We visited Arlington National Cemetary, Lincoln Memorial, Holocaust Museum, Library of Congress and the Smithsonians! We saw alot in four days. I think i walked more in those four days then i have in my entire life! On Saturday, I met up with my friend Hannah, who is going to school at American University in D.C. We went to dinner at the small Chinese tea restaurant and gelato for diessert at this Crepe Bakery. One good thing about D.C. is gelato is everywhere! I think we got gelato everyday, but i am not complaining. It was a great trip with beautiful weather and of course we got to experience some D.C. rain, but otherwise it is beautiful there. My favorite place was Jackie K's grave at Arlington because she is my favorite lady. I think she is pretty classy. I also loved the National Gallery and Museum of Natural History and seeing the animals. The prettiest place there is the reflection pool especially at sunset. It is perfect.