Thursday, January 3, 2008

Wal Mart

So dont worry i ventured into the dangerous terrritories of wal mart tonight. yes wal mart. Being a poor destitute college student i am forced to resort to buying rubbermaids at wal mart. i needed to buy containers to contain the vast amounts of summer clothing and junk i have in room. its part of my 2008 resolution (along with the rest of America) to get organized! or simply able to find anything in my dorm! I went in looking for containers and end up with a bathroom rug, car freshner, file keeper, hooks, hair gel, and a nerd rope. During the accomulation of these items, i was in the hair isle looking for gel and i picked my gel up and go to put it in the cart and some creeper was looking at me and continued to look at me as he passed by with the creeepest look plastered on his face! ya gross! i was checked out by the creeepest guy in the entire world! i felt like i needed a shower after yup. After being grossed out i continued my shopping and looking at cheesy Valentine's day cards and had to brave the parking lot. After surviving not being hit my mini vans and dangerous shoppers behind cadallics i went home. that is enough wal mart to last me ten years.

Hot Tub

Well Shannon showed me yesterday how to upload pictures so now my blog will be filled with photography! I am so sad to see my friends go! Last night kylie (bottom left), Mallory (top left), and myself (middle) hung out, did the hot tub for about three hours then ventured to Molcha Salsa for our last hang out for months! Mallory is leaving back to school at Utah State today and won't be back down for a few months and Liz (right) already left yesterday morning for Utah State and won't be back down for a month and a half! I hate this situation i miss my friends! I think they should all go to the U so i can see them everyday! Well thats about it for now have a good day.