Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tag you're it

Ok so i have been 'tagged' by Shannon. And while my list may not be as revealing as hers, i would say mine is better:)

  1. I wear socks on my hands at night because my hands get so dry in the winter they crack so i lather my hands with lotion and put socks on them to prevent getting lotion everywhere. (it works i have soft hands)
  2. Ha ha i have kissed someone in 5 countries and three continents including places like the Great Wall of China.
  3. I have never tried Coke and i don't want to it smells gross.
  4. I secretly want to be an 80's rockstar with the hair, clothes, and sweet dance moves.
  5. I love french fries, ketchup, dr. pepper and white cake yet im a health nut and obsessed with eating all natural, organic, whole grain food.
  6. I love jeans, thats all i wear. i think i own like 14 pairs.
  7. I have never seen American Idol or pretty much any other TV show EXCEPT GREY'S ANATOMY and Americas Next Top Model.
  8. I don't know how to snort. I could never do it as a kid.
  9. Guns and Roses have been my favorite band since i was in second grade so like 7? ha thanks Shannon.
  10. I think i have seen Titanic umm 14 times? yes all in theaters. ha

Monday, January 28, 2008

Birthday weekend

Wow it has been two weeks since i last posted a blog!! time flies! not much has happened with me. i have been going to school, trudging through snow and doing homework. This weekend wasa blast! Friday night was girls night so Lisa, Rachel, and I went to Gateway for a lil shopping then to Costa Vida for dinner (it was good i like, but not as good as cafe rio!) and to the new movie 27 Dresses with Katherine Heigl. The movie was so cute we all enjoyed it. yes it was chick flick but Katherine is so pretty and it had a better story line then a majority of chick flicks do. See i am not a chick flick fan so if i like, anyone will like it. After the movie we all went home. At like 10:00 on Friday nights im tired! School always tires me out so by the end of the week im ready for a break! On Saturday me and lisa went to American Apparel at Trolley Square mall and to Brookestone for a tester at the back message chairs! After we went to hallmark to look at Valentine cards and a birthday card for Izzy. I ended up getting her a singing card that sings "Dreams do come true" by Cinderella with Disney Princesses on the front. It is so cute i was excited to give it to her! We found some great V-day cards , but ill keep looking for the perfect one. Some of my favorite were the Grey's Anatomy theme song, ring of Fire by Johhny Cash and the cheesy 80's love songs. ha gotta love Hallmark. Saturday night the family went to dinner at the Mandrin for Steph and izzy's birthday. That was an adventure! Izzy wanted to run around and Tommy was spilling everything and the night ended with Izzy refusing to wear her jeans home. I think it was bedtime for all of us:) Sunday was another birthday celebration with dinner and presents. Hope Steph and Izzy had a great birthday i love them so so much!!