Monday, July 28, 2008

Pretty Awesome Crew

Our favorite place to eat is Trio Cafe! This afternoon we met for lunch and tried not to get into too much trouble:P This is the Crew that lived up at the dorms this year. Gus will be leaving us to go to University of Nevada, Kevin and the Braydens are living in a house in the avenues, and me and Lisa are living back at the dorms in Chapel Glenn! We are all going different places, but we will still stay buddies!


I have not been to Lagoon since Ninth Grade and what a mistake that was! This fourth of July the family headed out for a full day of cotton candy and rides at Lagoon! My best friend Lisa came with the family and the three of us (me, lisa, and sarah) braved Wicked and Colassus! We had a great time playing at laguna beach, working on our sun tan and taking Izzy on rides. The best part of the night was watching fireworks as we were on the ride JetStar. Lagoon knows how to put on a firework show! The fireworks were beautiful! It was a great day, but i think i am Lagooned out for another four years:)

Princess Izzy

One Sunday when Shannon, Tyler and the kids came over to dinner, I went outside to greet Izzy and she was wearing a baby pink sundress standing infront of the sunset and she looked precious! I ran inside and grabbed my camera to take pictures of her. Isn't she the cutest thing you have ever seen?!

Groundies Anyone?

When we are not all being mature adults in the real world- we are playing Groundies! Groundies is a gmae introduced to me by my good friend Gus. It's a game played on a playground and a mix of tag, fish out of water, and dead man walking and a lil bit of marco polo. Although dangerous, it is still tons of fun. This is the first night we all played it and we escaped with only a few bruises and stumbed toes:)

The 80's are Back!

One of my favorite activities is 80's dancing! If asked, anyone would say the 80's were the best decade! What can be better then spandex, neon, mullets, techno, cheesy love songs, and side ponytails?! I am proud to say i was born in 1989 so i'm an 80's fan right?! If i could live in one decade, it would be the 80's so i could experience the acid washed jeans for myself! My girlfriends and I love to dress up in our 80's gear and head out to dance to classic 80's hits! This is one night, Rachel, Me and Duke went dancing!

Sar Bear dances again!

Tonight was Sar Bear's dance at Kingsbury Hall. They put on the Ballet Aladdin and it was amazing! The show was so cute with Izzy as a snake charmer, mini Genie's, and Abu Monkeys. I loved watching Sarah because she is a beautiful dancer and did a great job. I am so proud of her and glad i was able to attend the concert!

St. Jorge

June 13-15th we adventured down to St. George for sun bathing and lounging by the pool and yes mission was accomplished! It was a great weekend relaxing and enjoying the sun. On Saturday we went to the local farmer's market and looked at jewelry and sampled homemade bread and salsa. People in St. George are talented because the closest i get to homemade is bread from Smiths:) We got shakes at Iceberg and couldn't leave St. George without stopping at the infamous In n Out Burger! It was great and well worth the trip down there:p I love hanging out with my sisters and as can be seen by the pics- Sar bear and I dominated the sun!

The Love Triangle

Probably my two favorite people in this whole world has to be Liz Sansom and John Lahti. Liz and I met John Senior year in our A.P. Calculus class and it was love at first sight. We are best friends and probably the three craziest people you will ever met. Hangout with us for one night and you will never stop laughing! John always makes me laugh. If I'm ever having a bad day i can count on John to make me smile. You gotta love the fact John is 6'4 and Liz and I are a solid 5'2 and 5'6:p Maybe i should explain the title of this post. The love triangle is John's girlfriend hating me and Liz because she feels threatened by our friendship! So we have an undercover friendship haha we all find this very funny and enjoy teasing hims girlfriend about it. This coming Fall, John and I are living on the same floor in Chapel Glenn. The fun will continue!