Monday, January 7, 2008

thank u?

I started school again today! im excited i like school and i have good classes. my favorite class is still ballet cuz i love to dance! im thinking about picking up another ballet class but that will put me at 22 hours so ill have to see if it can be done. I also taught dance today it was fun, it was the 7-8 year old class and they love to dance around so its fun to watch them. wow im so glad my life consists of dancing, teaching dance and thinking about dance:p i love it i guess. oh ya my day also consists of playing guitar hero and going to class- i lead a pathetic life. tonight consists of this and im watching a movie with all my friends so ya exciting! i feel like a single old lady that should house 78 stray, dirty cats and collect tissue boxes or something ohh and im listening to lovey dovey songs on my computer that remind me of that one person trying not to burst out in tears. yes im pathetic, but ill admit it i am so thats the first step. half the time i dont even know what im writing in here. my blog is not as interesting and creative as shannons, but i will say it is entertaining. lets see today i was asked if am married? go figure and i was also hit on by some weirdo wearing a stone washed jacket. sounds like my type? hm maybe but the lip ring and 5 week unwashed hair was a deal breaker. i think i have a sign on my back that says if you are weird-hit on me cuz i seem to attract the weirdest guys! yes every weirdo in a ten mile radius has hit on me officially. And i cant wait till greys anatomy starts again cuz thats what keeps me going in life. i thrive on greys yes i do. This past saturday i went on a double and a half date. yes that was my friend rachel and rory and lisa and aaron! yay love being the fifth wheeel makes everything better. So i am officially the worst bowler ever in the history. i bowled a solid 61. ya 61 and that was after getting help from rachel:p well i cant be amazing at everything right?! wrong, im blaming a horrific performance on my crappy weekend and the fact im a emotional wreck due to this one person! isnt it amazing how one person can affect you so much? its weird to think i have an influence on someone. scary.