Thursday, April 3, 2008


It is almost like a requirement that once you enter college you do the whole spring break adventure. This year, my three best girlfriends Lisa and Rachel set out on the infamous road trip to St. George and none other then LAS VEGAS!! It was alot of fun. Lucky the car did not break down, no flat tires, NO TICKETS and i did not crash for i did the majority of the driving (i like to drive i did not mind). The vacation was a blast. We layed out, got a swim suit line, watched tennis, ate good food and alot of candy as we drove and got no sleep. Tell me you couldn't plan a better vacation. My favorite part of the whole trip had to be watching the Bellagio Fountains to the sing Claire de Lune. If only Brad Pitt or Matt damon had been there to complete the Oceans 11-esque night right?!:) If i tell anymore of my spring break my parents may not be letting me outside the house so i willl just post pics now:)