Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hi! Well i still dont know how to use this thing very well so we will see if it works. btw i probably wont capitalize things and ill probably forget about grammer rules and where comas go becuase i do that all day long in school and this is not school.:) Today was kinda boring. I had my calculus test which was hard and i thought i as completely ready for it then i walk in the door and my mind goes blank! after the horrid test i went to lunch with lisa and aaron and that was an adventure finding them because oh ya my phone doesnt send or receive texts or calls....... oh but the phone guy said at least my clock works... so if you ask me for a phone ill say not, but i could tell you the time. Luckily my writing class was cancelled so i have been doing this. its a good use of time ya? yes. Tonight i have one more class but its health and actually really interesting. I am turning in my final paper tonight. Its on eating disorders in the media and how society accepts negative ideas of beauty. i think its a good paper, hopefully he does also. last night i went to the utah basketball game and we lost. yup by a solid like 13 points of something? hm i guess. im so excited it is thanksgiving break! i only have one class tomorrow and thats ballet:) well my class starts in a half hour so il have to continue this fun later. Im tempted to say a cheesy line like stay classy san diego... just kidding but i will say. c ya later.