Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The End...

I believe i am officially finished with my Birthday extravaganza! Sunday evening mom made my favorite food consisting of white rice, green beans, lemonade, rolls, and cesaer salad. Since thats not much of a dinner, Shannon made chicken that was great! After dinner i opened presents from my sisters. Sarah gave me a necklace with a charm and a peace sign on it! Very me:) Shannon gave me bag with a skull on it and an adorable sweatshirt and Steph gave me a ballet skirt and foot pedicure stuff. I love all my gifts! They are all perfect, my sisters must know me very well!! Best part of the WHOLE night was cake time! Mom made me my favorite confetti cake and had 19 candles on it! Talk about wishes! Izzy was adorable and sang 'Happy Birthday' to me and probably ate more cake then me! It has been a great birthday! Time to plan for next years!

One more day...

To continue the never ending events of my birthday, Friday night I planned on having friends over to hang out and grab pizza at the PIE. One by one, everyone was busy or was coming late, so Lisa, Rachel, Jared, and Eric and myself attended the University of Utah's Gymnastic meet. We won of course! They are amazing! After the meet, my friend Jena met us and we headed to Lisa's dorm to hang out. We are walking in her dorm when the lights flip and everyone yells 'Surprise!' My awesome friends planned a surprise party! All of my friends were there! Rachel made white cake cupcakes that spelled out Happy Birthday Stacie with the number 19 candles! It was alot of fun and i love my friends. Everyone was so nice to give me presents and candy which is always appreciated! After the party we went to the PIE for pizza and partied all night!

More Birthday fun

Thursday, the actual day of my birthday was crazy! Not with parties, but with school! I was so busy with tests, papers and club events, my day was packed! After my big Nutrition test Thursday night, my parents took me to dinner at Marker Street Grill. I got Clam Chowder and everything was better! Mom and Dad were so nice to give me lotion, lip gloss and body wash from Bath and Body works and money to do my hair, which is perfect! They are so nice to me!

On going birthday!

My birthday celebrations continue! Wednesday after my lunch with the girls, Parker came to my dorm to surprise me! He is so sweet and brought my presents! He gave my newest favorite ACROSS THE UNIVERSE and Tibetan Prayer flags to hang in my room. They were great gifts! He knows i love that movie and i love things like the flags (im odd i know:p). Parker's mom was so sweet and made me a covered notebook. It is so cute and i am excited to use it. Parker was sweet to bring popcorn (my favorite) and we watched Across the Universe. It was a great birthday and Parker is a sweetheart.