Friday, February 22, 2008

TrIpLe DaTe FuN pLuS LiZ ha

Last weekend Liz finally came home! We got Rach, Rory, Lisa, Aaron, Parker, and Me together to go to dinner at Noodles and Co and hang out! Unfortunately for Liz her date bailed on her so she was the seventh wheel, but it's ok! After dinner we went to Rachel's house and played Guitar Hero and hung out. It was so much fun as we battled on sweet guitar solos and binged on Lisa's Valentine's Day chocolate! I love my friends! We always have so much fun together! As far as anything embarrassing happening (which usually happens with me around:p) I did't spill anything at dinner! Didn't hit anything! And managed not to fall! Overall it was a great night! On Monday, President's Day, Sarah came and stayed with me up at the dorms and we went shopping! We went to local shops that sell local designers clothes! Too cool and no one else will have my clothes which is good! I love shopping especially with Sarah!