Friday, December 28, 2007

Wisdom Teeth

How was everyones Christmas? I would say mine was great i received amazing gifts from everyone and had alot of fun. Cutie Parker gave me a set of tarracota soldiers from china i have always wanted and made me a Utah blanket. So sweet and the blanket is so soft its great. I lvoe all my gifts and hopefully everyone likes mine:/ I love the holidays they are fun and a great time to spend with family and friends. now its New years and resolution and starting a new semester. I cant believe i only have one more semester then i have completed a year of college! crazy how time flies and i feel like im old:p Ill have to start acting mature soon.
So i got my wisdom teeth out yesterday and let me tell you it is not as fun as it sounds. They bring you in, have you sing page after page of documents informing you of the risks of oral surguries, one of the risks being death! Then they sit you down in the sterile gray room and next the anesthesiologist enters to drup you with something. Luckily for me, i had a guy that knew what he was doing and one poke and i was out. I would say i handled it like a champ. The next thing u know, you are woken up with a sore mouth and huge cheeks. For the rest of the day i suffered through half hour long ice packs, swollen cheeks, not being able to speak and having the force down disgusting medicine. Oh wait did i mention i was sick the night before? yes yes lucky me i was sick with a flu like symptoms. So i felt just dandy. Today my mouth does feel better but i still hhave chipmunk cheeks and hurts to swallow. Im hugry not but not allowed to eat anything except liquids. My stomach just sloshes around. last night i was lucky to have cutie parker bring me my favorite jamba Tahti Green tea. That really did make me feel better. Parker is so sweet and i think it was him that made me feel better:) I have spent today reading, emailing anf now blogging so my time is welll spent.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

So I've decided...

So I've decided to make a serious attempt to write on my blog in a consistent manner. I would have written yesterday, but i was so busy with.... wrapping presents and cafe rio that's right. The high point of yesterday was getting a Cafe Rio salad with Stephanie and eating it while watching The Christmas Vacation again. Yup two nights in a row, but its a classic so its all good. To put the cherry on top of my evening, John Lahti came over! that truly made my entire Christmas Vacation. He is the funniest kid i have ever met and we enjoy or discussions. He probably is the smartest person i know and has the answers to everything! I can ask him anything about life and especially boys and yup he will know what to do. The topic of our discussion last night was the certain young man who ditched me the previous night and had not followed up with a phone call or text excusing for his behavior. After much consideration, i decided to be the bigger person (or give in) and text him. So if anyone was wondering, me and Parker are now fine and i do not want to kill him anymore. Maybe its the Christmas season that made me change my mind or it's the fact that i didnt want to go prison, but either way im happy and he's happy so everyone is happy. The latest drama today has been deciding whos house to go to for Christmas eve dinner. Parker invited me to go to his house for dinner and my family is having dinner also! Drama! So i planned on going to Parkers since this will be his last Christmas Eve dinner for two years because of his mission. But then Parker had to inform me that his family is having steak! yes the awful, dreaded red meat. Knowing i dont like red meat or meat in general, parker had toto tell his mom i dont like meat. Great now everyone willl ask me why i dont eat meat and his mom will think i dont like her cooking! So now she is worried about what to make me when she doesnt have to make me anything at all! So now ill be missing seafood dinner with my family to enjoy the lovely evening with Parker, but hey life is short, pick your battles, it made him happy so im happy.