Saturday, March 8, 2008


One of the best days of the year is MARCH 6TH! My birthday! Birthdays are my favorite holiday It a day completely devoted to one person. It is your own special day! I love it. This year was great! Despite my crazy and stressful week due to school it was still fun. The festivities began March 5th with liz coming to visit me! She drive all the way from logan to celebrate with me! Rachel, Liz and I went to Einstein's for lunch and of course got the classic mudslide cookie with a bagel. It has been our traditional for a year of so:) We sat in Einstein's for two hours talking and of course something funny had to happen. Can you guess who was funny?! If you guessed me you are correct! I was reinacting the time i feel off my computer chair at school and the next thing i know i am on the ground! During my reinactment, the chair slipped from underneath me and i fell...again. Wow what would lunch be without me right?! It was a great afternoon to spend with my best friends!